Kristen Kelly
Your reliable &
dedicated design team player.

I’m a firm believer in structured, scalable, aesthetic, user-centered design. I dive deep into research to create solutions. My strengths lie in UI design and the organization of complex data backed by research for software design in B2B, B2C and more. I welcome challenges as opportunities to design impactful work.

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Values I go through

Be Kind

Kindess can boost feelings confidence, being in control, and happiness. Being kind towards others enables peaceful problem solving while fostering a healthy collaborative environment. It cost zero dollars to be a nice.


Being honest with clear communication builds trust and helps drive significant progress. Speaking up and asking questions is okay from everyone and anyone.

Structured alignment

As a person who likes to plan, I believe in bridging gaps between project mangers, designers, and developers. The most important thing is to understand and clarify what the business wants to build and why.

Have empathy

The hardest problems require a solution for human beings and not technology. Through empathy I belive in staying open-minded and curious.