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Kristen Kelly


Bringing value to the family marketplace

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UX Design Strategy
<1 month
I.C. for an ad agency for Nike

An Overview

The Challenge

  • Increase customers' child sign-ups with visibility
  • Keep customer's in the shopping experience and engage with them to sign-up for a membership, and/or add a child
  • Design touch points for reminders to input data to be used for retention

The Solution

  • Create windows where users can visit or the app
  • Retain costumers interest through a shopping experience
  • Serve editorial information on the Nike lifestyle


Nike started 58 years years ago in Eugene, Oregon. Named after the Greek goddess of victory. It is one of the most valuable brands among sport businesses, Nike employs over 76,000 people worldwide. It sells its apparel through the Nike brand. Now, Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area.*

In 2021, Nike became tighter with stocking brick-and-mortar retailers. Closing contracts with several businesses. Nike CFO Matthew Friend said in December that Nike has “reduced the number of undifferentiated accounts in North America by roughly 30%” since it first announced the strategy in 2017 when Nike said it would focus its resources, marketing, and top products on just 40 select retail partners. The experience was driven more direct by direct-to-consumer, driving users to use the Nike app.


Targeted User


  • Lives in a suburban neighborhood and is in the 6th grade.
  • Jacob is active in many sports and extracurricular events.
  • Jacob just went through a growth spurt and could not fit into any of his clothing.

❌ Frustrations

  • Being late for sporting events.
  • When parents forget big milestones.
  • Not having the right shoes for his sports or the newest model.
  • When mom doesn't know how to use Tik-Tok, Instagram or any iOS apps.

✅ Likes

  • Winning at all sports games.
  • Loving reminders and encouragements.
  • Knowing his size in his favorite brands.
  • New in-style items for his sporting events, school, and for everyday wear.

Nike's Popularity

One of the reasons why Nike is so popular is its endorsement of former NBA star, Michael Jordan. Former NBA player Michael Jordan holds the most valuable deal: $100 million. On the other hand, with this contract, Nike is allowed to explore the Jordan brand, namely through the brand AirJordan, producing snickers, NBA jerseys, and all kinds of sports goods.

NBA star Michael Jordan has made over $1.3 billion from Nike, an estimated sum Forbes magazine calls "the biggest endorsement bargain in sports".  

Most businesses in America suffered COVID-related decreases. Not Air Jordan or Jordan Brand.

So people like buying Nike, they have more than just Sneakers. Nike’s apps played a crucial role in driving engagement, and 2020 digital sales growth during the pandemic. In Jan. 2021, Nike’s mobile apps have helped to fuel sales growth during the pandemic as part of the sportswear giant’s effort to boost direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales. Those apps urge people to participate in a range of activities with a gamification strategy designed to maintain loyalty, reinforce brand messaging and drive sales.

With many folks spending more at home and avoiding stores because of health concerns, brands with significant retail footprints like Nike have been forced to switch up their sales strategy. Consumers are still shopping for clothing — especially athleticwear and other comfortable styles for work-from-home settings — but are doing so through mobile websites, social media marketplaces, and apps at a higher clip.

On the strength of its websites and mobile apps, the company’s digital revenue jumped 84% in the quarter that ended Nov. 30.

“Digital is the ‘new normal’ in consumer behavior, and we believe the trends that we’re seeing are here to stay,” John Donahoe, president, and CEO of Nike, said in a December earnings call. “Consumers want to get what they want, when they want it, how they want it.”

Sandra Carreon-John, a spokesperson for Nike, “continually evaluates the marketplace to understand how we best serve consumers, making adjustments to our sales channels as needed to create a consistent, connected, and modern shopping experience.” A key opportunity is to bring the experience digitally.

The Apps

The Benefits of a Membership

Nike membership gives customers personalized benefits in-store, online, and through their apps. Users can sign up on their website for free. Here are the in-store and online benefits of the Nike membership:

  • Member-exclusive products and early-release access to limited-edition merchandise
  • Expert advice from customer service reps with access to buying information
  • Priority access, curbside locker pick up, private shopping sessions
  • Connect online to over 100 free at-home workouts
  • Free delivery for online and app shoppers
  • 30-day “wear it” tests, if someone doesn't love it, return it
  • Birthday rewards
  • Exclusive discounts

Research Takeaways

With so many benefits to Nike's membership, including it being free, free shipping, and exclusive access to merchandise, adding a child to the membership would only make it better. The more a customer uses the app, the more they benefit from it. Adding a child to their membership gives more opportunities for Nike to market to parents and kids using their app to increase revenue.

Nike – This is the leading Nike shopping app.

  • SNKRS – This app is an augmented reality “game” similar to Pokemon Go. Users are given clues to find locations in the real world, and once they find them, you unlock access to secret limited edition products for purchase.
  • Nike Training Club (NTC) – This personalized training app lets users customize and track their workouts. Access to free workouts, keep the workout information and data in one place, and unlock free real-world fitness classes and passes. The app can be used by beginners as well as accomplished athletes as there is something for everyone. Users also get access to nutrition tips and recipes as well as holistic wellness.
  • Nike Running Club (NRC) – Exactly as the name suggests, an app for avid runners! Works with a smartphone or apple watch with you on your runs to get accurate run data like pace and mileage. Users can set up a schedule or use one of the custom ones in the app. There is also a competition element with a leaderboard.


The goal here was to show a journey of three flows: create, retain and serve with the purpose of driving a user to the app. The targeted user is a parent.





Final Pitch

This was a very simple project I did with an advertising agency for Nike. They just needed the flows and pivoted after this was presented. The idea was to show the touch points of how users can download the app, or direct them to the .com site, and add their child to their membership. Then lead them to sell products and educate them on the Nike lifestyle, after they add a child to the family marketplace.

The value is in how much benefit comes from the Nike Membership.


Collaborating on a small project during the pandemic for a short time was a learning experience. The only requirements were research, understanding of the apps, and user flows. After that, my work was done. I was informed of how little time was needed beforehand and didn't expect much. Coming from a larger corporation structure, the cadence was different. Things need to get done quickly, passed on, and pitched to the client. Any high-fidelity visuals were not a part of the requirements as this was a pure UX user flow project.



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